Value    (%)
DJ Industrial (End of day) 16360,18 -0,22 
Nasdaq Composite(End of day) 4357,97 0,14 
FTSE 100 London (End of day) 6775,42 -0,71 
CAC, Paris (Delayed) 4391,25 -0,11 
Dax Performance (Delayed) 9542,02 -0,49 
Hang Seng HK 22579,78 -0,34 
Nikkei 225 (Delayed) 14897,63 1,2 
Bovespa, Sao Paulo 46589 -1,07 
Russia RSI Index 1306,55 -0,94 
Bid Ask
Gold 1350,4 1350,9
EURO/USD 1,3858 1,3859
Value    (%)

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